Mail joy "becomes Aya Igarashi, calibration ~" in Ueto Aya Mifune Mika-best friend [news]

On the 14th of this month he married actress Aya Ueto leader of EXILE · HIRO (43) and (27),
Mika Mifune in contents of talent "become Aya Igarashi from today, Cali ~" a friend of
21, I found that e-mail was sent to joy. Fuji TV, along with her ​​husband George Takahashi
Mifune who appeared to VTR! "Wants to know" was revealed. Igarashi real name HIRO (Hiroyuki Igarashi).

And funnel, such as opening a home party, a family friendly association, Mifune, in response to a 14-day marriage announcement,
I sent an e-mail blessing, joy becomes "Aya Igarashi" is full of that e-mail has been sent.

According to Mifune, from always, want to build a normal wife ", a normal happy family. Ueto is usually awake in the morning,
Said to have said, "I want to live like sending out (the husband) to make rice. Mifune, together with Takahashi "
Sent advice such as "important conversation" as a senior in "marriage age difference.

21, Ueto smartphone made ​​by SOFTBANK Ginza in Ginza, Tokyo
Attended the release ceremony "iPhone5". Show up to the public for the first time after marriage,
I was filled with happiness smile. Wedding ring and I did not fit.